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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Friday night is the wrap party for the movie. It was hyped on set as 'the best wrap party ever'. I don't go to them anymore as it's a long way to drive in and back as they're always downtown Vancouver, and they're just not worth the effort. But as this one was in a brand new club and everyone said they were going, I decided to go.

I go into Vancouver early to drop off my continuity binder at the studio, and then drive to North Vancouver to pick up Ashleigh from work and drive her downtown to meet Rob. They are catching the new Canada Line out to the airport as they fly out to Hawaii for 5 days. She has my new passport for me as I get all of my mail sent to their place and so I kill several birds with one stone (drive daughter, pick up passport, go to wrap party). The only drawback - I am a bit overdressed for the middle of the day. We had a great visit as we drove into town and then I hugged them both goodbye, and not a little envious. I haven't ever been to Hawaii and would love to go. Also, the weather here has turned cold and rainy again so am absolutely fed up with being here. Need I say it? I WANT TO LIVE IN THE CARIBBEAN!!!

After parking the car in the best and cheapest place downtown, I walk along Granville. I am looking for two things; a nail salon because I am in desperate need of a manicure, and a restaurant that is owned by a friend in the industry along with his brother. It's called The Twisted Fork and I have been meaning to try it out since it opened almost two years ago. This morning I texted a bunch of friends from the show and invited them to meet me there for dinner before the party. So far most have texted back saying either they can't make it to dinner or they plan to skip the wrap party entirely. So most of the people I want to hang out with aren't going. Great.

I find the restaurant and there is a nail salon right next door!! They take walk-in's so I settle into a big comfy chair and enjoy a bit of pampering for an hour. The restaurant doesn't open until 6 and it's just before 5 when my nails are all prettied, so I walk down to the salon that Izzy, my son's girlfriend, works at. I catch her without a client and about to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine, so she pours me one and we sit together and get caught up. The hour flies by and soon I head out back up the hill from Yale Town to Granville St.

I tell the hostess that I may be dining alone or may be joined by a few friends, I am not sure. She sits me in the window that has four tables nestled up against a 3-sided window seat and says she will keep the rest free in case they show up. She hands me a menu on a clip board held by a twisted fork. Love it! I order a Cosmo and an appetizer. I forgot my book in the car so I people watch through the window as I munch on Fernie Frites - their first restaurant was in Fernie, BC. I also meet the brother and we have a nice chat. I get a text from the hair key saying she is loading out the trailer and might be able to make it if she finishes in time. I text her back saying I am the only one there. She doesn't make it. I order another Cosmo and the grilled asparagus: 'Fresh grilled asparagus with balsamic roasted mushrooms, basil boccocini and balsamic reduction'. It's delicious.

Stuffed to the rafters and feeling the two martinis, I make my way down to the other end of Vancouver, to the new club Five-Sixty. Turns out I have been here before, after the Crazy Eight's Film Festival a month ago. So between that and the fact that none of my friends are showing up to the party, not to mention I ate dinner alone, I feel let down. But I head inside determined to make the best of it and have some fun. As usual, I am among the first to arrive. The only other person there, beside the bartenders, is the accountant. How appropriate is that... the two most anal people on any crew - the accountant and the script supervisor. I tried to be fashionably late, once. I was still the first to arrive.

I end up having an okay time. I spent most of it alone at the bar. One of the actors comes up to me and pays me a lovely compliment, saying that he likes to stand by the village when he's not working and listen to the talk. He says that I had some really good and insightful notes and suggestions for the director - things that are more like an actor would be thinking of. It is really encouraging to hear and I appreciate him coming over to tell me.

I keep watching for Craig, the first camera operator, and Shannon his wife and the second camera operator, to arrive. He had texted me earlier to say that they were both filming something until 10 but would be at the party shortly after. They don't arrive. Most of the rest of the people here at the party, I don't know all that well. Because I spend all of my time at the village surrounded by a black tent, I only get to know a few people really well on set unless it's a longer running show, like a series, or if I have worked with them on multiple shows. Most of this crew I have never worked with before so I have no relationship with them and all of the ones I do know aren't here. I feel very much alone in a crowd. At 11:30 I decide I have had enough and say my goodbyes to the few I know. I walk outside just as AJ, our #1 cast member, arrives. I get a photo with him, as I forgot to get one on set, and then make my way back to my car. No more wrap parties for me.

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