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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Well I am almost all packed for my trip to Palm Springs. And I cooked up 12 batches of Skor Bar for gifts. That's 6lbs of butter, 12 cups of sugar and 12 Swiss chocolate bars. All together in one Tupperware container it weighs about 10lbs. It's going in my carry-on bag.

I went to see a career counselor this week. Seems I have potential to be doing a lot more with my life than a stupid receptionist job - which I know I would loathe the second I sat down behind the desk. I have some homework to do and we will look at my options at the next session. I left there feeling a lot better about myself. She gave me back my hope.

What I am not looking forward to is coming back from paradise to the disaster that is the rest of my life. I have one room and one shed full of boxes and bits. I have to decide what I am going to keep and store, what I am going to store to garage sale in the spring, and what I am going to do with all of the big furniture that I can't store in my friend's crawlspace. What I need is someone with an unfinished basement or space in their garage to let me store it there indefinitely. I don't think people like that exist. Or if they do, they are a rare breed.

I have a couple of options for the end of January, when I must vacate this place. I am talking to my friend about staying with her again, paying-room-mate style, and she is thinking about it. She is planning to renovate her basement and to use the room I would stay in to pile all the stuff that needs moving. So she has to rethink it and will get back to me. If that doesn't work, I have an invitation to join an acquaintance on the road in her Winnebago as she travels across the USA to sell her book to bookstores. And I have an invitation to go sailing with the OTHER guy I was talking to before I left for Florida, the one in Mazatlan on the Sea of Cortez. He really wants me to come down for at least two weeks to see if I would want to travel to South America with him. It's something I am seriously considering.

I prefer the first option so that I can take advantage of the job I got at the 2010 Olympics. I start training January 6th. I will be either a supervisor or manager for the Resident Assistants who will be stationed at each hotel that has transport drivers living there for the duration of the games. I start full time the third week of January and go through to the end of March. That would give me some working capital for travel to either Mexico to sail or California for a long road trip. Also, I plan to call the insurance adjuster for the mall where I took the fall back in June to lay it on the line; I have finally run out of patience with this dragging-their-feet nonsense and if I don't have an offer by the first week of January, I am speaking to a lawyer. I am done being nice about it.

If this counselor comes up with something that works out for me, then I will just stay put and embark on a new career... one that I can work around script supervising when a show presents itself and I actually get hired onto the crew.

OK... back to packing. I have to be up at 3:54 tomorrow morning to leave here by 4:14 to be at the Bellingham airport two hours before my 7:45 flight to the Inland Empire. And it's the Survivor finale tonight. So I won't be getting much sleep. Can't miss seeing what Russel has up his sleeve. I wouldn't put it past the guy to win. I really wouldn't.

Merry Christmas everyone and may you experience the joy, peace, and hope that the season brings.
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