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Monday, December 27, 2010



I spent a very lazy day today. I went for brunch at Rosie's Diner on Palm Canyon Drive. If you're in Palm Springs looking for a good breakfast, don't waste your money there. Go to Pinocchio's instead. For about $2 more a plate you get far superior food and portions. And service.

After a leisurely breakfast and a stroll around town, I headed back to the beautiful home I am staying in and dragged a chair from under the porch out by the pool and stripped down to get a tan. And by stripped down I mean a sundress. It was gorgeously warm and I tried to read but soon dozed off. All in all I was out there for about three hours, just enough to get a faint tan line.

That evening, the faithful few (Matt 1 and 2 were gone back to their respective cities) met up at Johnny Costa's for dinner. By now I am just so done with eating. I feel all I have done is drink and eat since I got here and that along with the MSG that STILL hasn't left me, I have almost no appetite. I ordered a pizza and ate two of the very thin crust slices and was finished. I had wanted to share one with someone but those ordering a pizza wanted a whole one. So mine was boxed to take home.

The Duke and Duchess, Nelson and myself all leave tomorrow. So we head off as soon as dinner is over to go pack. It is with great sorrow that I say goodbye for the last time this visit to everyone but Ron. I will miss them all.
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