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Thursday, December 30, 2010


This is an absolute MUST SEE for everyone. There just aren't enough movies like this made anymore. The last one was Young Victoria, but The King's Speech is even better. It's a touching story of fear and courage, perseverance and love, duty and dread. Colin Firth has given the performance of a lifetime and deserves the Oscar, I don't care who he will be up against. Geoffry Rush is no less outstanding and I hope he gets the Oscar for Best Supporting Male. Helena Bonham Carter is the image of a young Queen Mother and gives an impeccable performance.

As I expected, it is a very moving story and I came close to tears at the end, but what surprised me was the humour in the movie and found myself laughing along with the rest of the audience many times.

Also fun for those of us who are die-hard Pride and Prejudice fans; Jennifer Ehl plays Myrtle Logue, Geoffry Rush's wife and David Bamber - the unforgettable Mr. Collins - has a small role as the unnamed Theater Director.

Go, go, GO to see this movie as soon as you can. It will be the best $12.50 you have spent in a long, long time.

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