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Saturday, December 8, 2012


A couple, following their dream of owning a catamaran and chartering it in the BVI, calling the boat Knotty Dream, has had their dream - literally - dashed.

What a nightmare:

Here's the full album: Lagoon 450: Sandy Spit

Here is the video of the day they bought the boat:

So, so sad.  I can't imagine the distress and the replaying of the situation over and over in your mind and imagining how it would have turned out had you done things differently.

According to what I've read on a BVI web board, the owners were on board, they had just taken delivery of the vessel three days prior; he put the boat on autopilot while going below to the head.  His wife was also below in the galley.  They hit the reef that is just off of Sandy Spit and were hard aground.  Most of the damage occurred in removing them from the reef.

Lesson to be learned (there always is one):  never leave the helm unattended when so close to land.

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