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Monday, July 19, 2010


Wow. I think someone is trying to tell me something.

A friend told me today of another kids show shooting here in Langley for five months, union, looking for a script supervisor, and the line producer (LP) is a guy who hired me five years ago for The Collector and, when we wrapped, the producer said it was the best decision they made all season. So I figure, this should be a shoe-in. I call to talk to the LP but he's in a meeting. So I leave my number and then send him an email. He calls me a few hours later to say they DID need someone a few days ago but one of the producers decided they wanted a certain person for the role and they just hired them. So... disappointed to say the least.

But, I have a meeting scheduled with the producer about the other kids show and all the emails I have to date, plus a conference call, assures me that it's mine. Until half an hour ago. I got an email from them saying that 'they no longer require my services'. What? So I send an email asking what happened. I just got the reply saying that they decided to hire someone just to take camera notes, they don't really need a full-on script supervisor. Wow.

So... I have those two MOW's to fall back on. I hope. But at the rate this all is going, I think I need a new career. I just have no idea what.
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