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Monday, May 16, 2011


Even more seagrass was dumped on the beach after the storm came through yesterday afternoon and last night. Linda Soares, the other sibling that runs Neptune's Treasure, knowing I wasn't very happy that my beautiful beach (yes, I think of it as 'my' beach now) has been so ruined, sent me a photo of what it looked like after hurricane Earl had passed through.

The beach now.

The beach after Earl - the guys are rebuilding the dock that blew away. All docks on the island except for the big gov't dock blew away.

Here is a video of Earl while it was raging at Neptune's Treasure.

I lay down for a nap at about 11:30 because my eyes won't stay open while I am trying to read. I wake up an hour later and check my FaceBook page and there's a post from a couple who's blog I have been following for two years. They have arrived in Anegada on their PDQ catamaran, Zero to Cruising, and hope to meet me. As I have been following their travels, in the past month or so it seemed to me that we might end up in the BVI's together. Sure enough, we arrived at almost the same time. They have been over at Jost Van Dyke and Virgin Gorda and Tortola for the past couple of weeks. I jump up from the computer and go outside and try to spot their boat but can't be sure which is theirs. I head into the bar at Neptune's and ask to use the radio. I hail them and they reply. I am so excited. They are going to have some lunch and then come over to the dock in their dinghy. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning for the half hour or so that I have to wait before they arrive. I keep my eye out as I sit and try to read a book on the porch of my room, and when I see two people get into a dinghy and start to head over, I hurry to the dock to greet them and it's like meeting old friends.

Zero to Cruising is the second boat from the right.

Rebecca and Mike, in the flesh - finally!

I arrange for us to have dinner together with Gary and Beth, as I think they will all get along really well. We have a wonderful time together and I have to say, today has just made this trip even more fabulous than it already has been.

Gary and Beth.

Me (looking like crap), Rebecca and Mike.

They wrote about meeting me on their blog today. If you like, you can read about it HERE.
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