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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Well, it seems my quest for a nice RV to park on the studio lot for season 2 of Mr.Young is for naught. There isn't going to be enough room to park it there. Plans are to build a couple of outbuildings to get paint and construction out of the studio - which is a great idea as the smell and sawdust drives us all insane. Parking will be at a premium; there's more than enough for all of the crew but come Friday nights, when we shoot before a live audience, there just isn't enough.

So, growing ever more adaptable in my new life of scaled-down living, I switched my search from the RV'S to apts/housing for rent. I kept my search to New Westminster and South Burnaby, as both locations would be very close to work. I found a few that seem to suit and I have one, hopefully two, lined up to see tomorrow. I spoke at length with the owner of the one I am booked in to view and it sounds like it will be mine if I want it. It's two large rooms on the top floor of a small-ish heritage home in New Westminster. It has wood floors, sloped ceilings, and a fairly large bathroom. I would share the kitchen (although have a bar fridge and cupboards for my food upstairs) with the family; a couple with a four year old daughter. The dad is away lots on business. I would have preferred something with a small kitchen of my own, but this has a lot that I couldn't either find or be sure of in any of the other ad's, namely; right price, quiet assured, top floor, wood floors, parking, and enough space for a separate bedroom and sitting room.

Photos of the suite from the ad.

I like what I see in the pictures, but I'd like an appointment with the second place I found to at least compare what is available for the same price in the same area. Here's hoping they call me back today.
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