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Saturday, May 22, 2010


I thought those of you who follow LOST might be interested in seeing this photo.

My daughter went through training to be a camp counselor at Green Bay Bible Camp for two years and then worked there for several more as the lifeguard and girls counselor. Her second year of training, the leaders were Jay and Nicole. The two leaders started dating that summer but it didn't last. Eventually Jay married the daughter of a good friend of mine and Nicole married another young man who worked at the camp.

But the year she lead the trainees, Nicole became good friends with my daughter and eventually moved down from Kelowna to live near White Rock with her new hubby. My daughter and Nicole hung out together now and then.

Then one day life changed drastically for Nicole. She had been 'discovered' by Ford Modeling Agency while in Kelowna and had appeared in a couple of ads and on a show as a dead body since moving to the coast. Now a new show was about to start up in Hawaii and Nicole auditioned and won the role of Kate. She left without a backwards glance, changed her name to Evangeline - her middle name, and became an instant star.

My daughter hasn't heard from her since. And she found a new love in Hawaii and divorced her husband of one year.

Every year GBBC puts out a video, or DVD now, of highlights of the summer. One my daughter owns shows a sweet clip of Nicole dancing in the dining hall with a little girl of about 4. I wish I could get a clip of it to post here but it's on VHS and I have no idea how to do it.

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