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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So I was talking to the makeup gal who is staying at the house here with me in Victoria. Her name is Tana and I have worked with her before but not recently. We were collapsed in the livingroom one night after work, sipping on some wine and talking shop. I told her that I would love to get into the makeup department as I did have my hair and cosmetology licenses years ago. She perked up and said I should for sure make the change over. That 'swings' are hard to find. A swing is an assistant that can do both hair and makeup. She tells me that she would hire me. So we talk about how that would work and the upshot is that, when we both get back to the mainland, I will go over to her place and she will help me get a kit set up and then, once she is on a show where she will need to hire help with background, she will hire me and start me off that way. I am absolutely over the moon excited about this new door opening and am so grateful to Tana for this offer. I feel like my life may be taking a new turn and so it will be interesting to see what the future holds.

I am still waiting to hear if my agent wants to take on my new script. I am hoping so. If both of those scripts sell, that's another door that will be wide open. I am thinking that, once work here dies down for the winter, I will go visit Ron Oliver and we can start collaborating on our wedding movie script.

Also, a good friend just bought a new home and is putting in a basement suite. She has already rented it to a young single woman but she wants a mature room mate. So I have agreed to be that room mate. So I will be moving the weekend this second show is finished. It's going to be a crazy few weeks coming up. But if I can get through them, it will mean a bank account in the black, and the first time I have slept in my own bed in two weeks shy of a year. I just realized that the other day. A year since I have had my own place.

I hope I never have another year like this one. For all the adventure, it's been stressful as well. I am looking forward to some stability again. Bring it on.
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