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Thursday, March 4, 2010


I am just getting used to the idea of having lazy days and time off when I get a call tonight. I am working at the Paralympic Games and start on Saturday, 4 a.m. So welcome back into my life, 2 a.m. alarm clock.

I am really happy to be working for another three or four weeks. After paying a few bills, the bank account is looking very thin and I was worried how I would fare for the next while until the movie industry starts back up. So this will help a LOT.

I have to go back to get re-accredited with different ID and pick up some items to modify my clothing; a small detachable Olympic symbol on the jacket's right chest will be replaced with the Paralympic 'swoosh' symbol. and there will be a piece that will somehow attach to the back over the Olympic rings that are there. Not sure what they plan to do with the writing down the side of my snow pants.

I wasn't really planning on having lazy days. I have a lot of work to do. I had just posted on the message boards for the screenwriting course I am taking, that 'I am Ba-ack!' So went back on and said, 'oops. See you in three more weeks.' I am so far behind on that course I am almost in front. I left at step 14 and everyone else in on step 42. Sigh.
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