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Sunday, July 11, 2010


I was in bed by 8:45 last night, completely exhausted.

I have five friends I have known for twenty years and the six of us meet as a group, or try to, twice a month. I love these women and we've seen each other through a lot of stuff. This weekend was a doozy.

One's mom died. One's son got married. One's son had a baby girl. One's daughter had a wedding shower. And I had a mammoth garage sale (Larry and Willy were no-shows) to get rid of the last of my things that I don't have stored in one of those friend's crawl space. (The sixth friend didn't have anything significant happen this particular weekend, but her whole life is one long soap opera.)

While trying in vain to stay alert during my friend's daughter's shower, which my daughter came down from Kelowna for and stayed with me (she's a bridesmaid), my dear friend couldn't help but notice how exhausted I looked. She made the comment that, the fact that I just sold a lot of things I had some emotional attachment to thus experiencing another layer of shedding my former life was most likely playing a significant part in how tired out I was. I hadn't thought of it, but I think she was probably right.

And the two very strong Margaritas I had at the garage sale probably didn't help.

That and going to a late night show with Shonah on Thursday night to see Toy Story 3.

Waiting for the movie wearing3D glasses ......Pretty Wedding Table......................Garage Sale Necessities............................Stuff That Didn't Sell
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