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Sunday, March 4, 2012


It was a tough week at work. Cold weather made it hard to be shooting outside the entire week, except for Friday when we were inside most of the day. The first half of the day, which started at noon, we spent in an unheated empty office space. It was really cold in there but the locations guys brought me a heater and that helped a lot. After dinner we moved into a doctor's office that was crowded but warm. Our last three scenes of the night were shot outdoors in the cold and rain.

At the beginning of the week we started at 6:30am way out in Matsqui, so I took a hotel room for the three nights we'd be out there as it was just way too far to drive every day. It was so nice to get up later knowing I only had to drive 10 minutes to get to set. It meant I had a much needed two hours extra sleep a night. And come Wednesday I was even happier as the North shore, where I live, had gotten quite a dump of snow which froze to ice through the night which resulted in multiple accidents in the area. It took my son-in-law an hour to travel what normally takes him less than ten minutes.

On the Monday we rolled a car. That has to be my favourite thing that happens on set, and it doesn't happen all that often.

When the car doesn't land exactly where we want it to, then we do this:

Just a simple neon sign turned this old house turned woodmill office into a diner

Our director works out a scene with Steve Austin (in the red jacket) and the cop. It doesn't end well for the cop.

In the previous photo you can see my car in the background and it will appear in this scene, BVI sticker proudly evident. A fun thing for BVIslanders to try to spot if they watch the movie. The movie takes place partly in Washington State and partly in British Columbia. This scene takes place in Washington so props have taped a WA plate over my BC one.

We have one more day of shooting, or rather night - we start at 4pm and go 12 and a half hours, and then we wrap. I was supposed to go right onto my friend, and Director, Ron Oliver's first of four movies he is doing up here this year but the PM is rolling most of the crew from a previous show he has going and that includes the script supervisor. It's highly unusual, not ever done really, to deny the director his choice of script supervisor but that is what this PM is doing. I cleared my calendar to do this movie, at Ron's request. I even turned down an opportunity to do a six week Disney shoot at union scale because I am loyal to Ron. I told this to the PM but he was unmoved. So, I am devastated not to be working with Ron but I have another show that I will interview for on Tuesday which runs for the same three I should have been working with him. I hope I get it. (update: didn't get it)

All pictures posted with permission of the producer.
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