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Monday, December 13, 2010


So, as I previously mentioned - because my daughter and her hubby are going to London for Christmas, I am going to Palm Springs, and my other daughter couldn't get time off for the week of Christmas - we are having Christmas early at our house. Well, at my daughter's apartment.

Shonah arrived on Wednesday night so got to come and see a taping of the show, Mr.Young, on Friday. I was really interested in her opinion of it as she works for a company that targets our target demographic and she volunteers with youth. She loved the show! She found it very funny but beyond that, thought that the subject of that particular episode plus the characters and their traits really hit the marks of several interests of kids today. I was happy to hear that. If she's right it means we may be back for more seasons and that means more steady work. I love the thought of that.

Our Christmas was on Sunday the 12th and I made the usual Christmas Morning Wifesaver for breakfast. Christopher and Izzy were late to arrive so we ate without them as it was 11:00 and we were starving. They arrived just as we were finished and so ate as we cleaned up and got ready to open gifts.

We did a fun thing this year to determine who would go first with the presents. We dealt out a deck of cards until they were gone and then started at two of diamonds and worked our way through the deck. If you held the card you got to give one of your gifts. There were SO many presents under the tree and it took us a long time to go through them all. The kids were really happy with the things I got them and so that made me really happy too. They were very excited with the tickets to go see Brian Regan in January. And Rob was so excited with ROOMBA the robotic vacuum cleaner that he had wanted back when they put their gift registry together for their wedding. Although, he plugged it in to get it charged it up right away and, once it was all charged, set it to cleaning but it would just go for a few seconds and then stop with a red light blinking. We were all disappointed but we figured he needed to read the manual and probably that would help. He won't have time to get to it before they leave for England so I will be eager to hear if it works when they get back.

I love the ornaments on Asheligh's tree - a real trip down memory lane as many we made together on 'mommy and daughters' craft evenings at home.

Shonah loved her makeup and brushes I bought her, along with a couple of pair of her beloved Converse. It has taken her a long time to get into makeup and so it was fun to see her get excited over it.

I got some lovely things; Pandora beads from Ashleigh and Rob, an external hard drive from Christopher and Izzy, and Shonah made me cry with three beautiful sketch portraits of Christopher, Ashleigh and her. I will treasure them for all of my life. She also gave me a fabulous mug (I love snowmen) and a necklace from her trip to Disneyland.

All in all, it was one of the most fun Christmases I have had in a long time and I treasured every second of it. I love my kids to bits and feel like I never get enough time with them all in one room so it was gift enough to me to have them all there together. We laughed and laughed and I felt like a very blessed woman indeed.
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