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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I wake up at 3:30am with something banging about in a rolly sea.  Sounds like it is something stowed just ahead of me in between the wall of my cabin and the hull.  I don't sleep much after that. Later when I mention it to Rick, he thinks it might be something in my medicine cabinet and, sure enough,  the culprit is a can of hairspray that fell over.

I make myself toast and jam with some grapes for breakfast.

Rick has pretty much completed the video and set it to music that someone on the island wrote. It has lyrics and is actually quite good. He wants us girls to add a line at the end so we record that and then he finishes it up. It has turned out great.

Rick's video for Grenada Tourism

We head back into Clifton at about 10am. Rick forgot to check us in yesterday. Ooops. I also want to buy and mail some postcards. I buy 10 and sit down at a picnic table next to one of the fruit stand huts and write them all out while sipping on a frosty Ting. I am so grateful for the shade as it is easily 100 degrees out. Before I leave, I buy some fruit and vegetables from the lovely lady who owns the stand, as a thank you for letting me sit there for so long.

 Postcards all done

Buying tomatoes and mangoes 
from the lovely lady who owns the stand

I head back over to the little shop down the main street where I bought the postcards and stamps, to mail them in her cute little mailbox.

Mailing the postcards, hoping they will get to their destinations
this year.  Turns out most got there a week or so after I got home.

We dinghy back to the boat and have a lunch of salad. We pull up anchor and head off to the Tobago Cays at 1:15pm.  So excited!

It doesn't take long to get there, we can see them from where we were anchored. They are GORGEOUS. Not what I pictured at all but I love it here. We drop anchor close to an island and we all jump in off of the transom and swim to the beach.

I swam from here to there, and back in beautiful clear, warm water

When we get back to the boat, we hop in the dinghy and go explore. We saw 3 turtles pop their heads up out of the water! Tomorrow we will snorkel in the protected area where they all live.

Off in the distance is Petit Tabac, the island in Pirates of the Caribbean where Jack Sparrow is on the island alone with Kiera Knightly and she has set all of the rum on fire and he asks "why is all the rum gone?"  We will go see it tomorrow and I am so excited about that although, truth be told, I am excited and pretty overwhelmed by all of this. It is so so beautiful here and is the paradise I dream of all the time. The sky is blue with puffy white clouds on the horizon, the air is warm, the water is too, and is so clear and that amazing Caribbean blue, there are palm trees everywhere, white soft sand, beautiful dark skinned people on every island... my heart and soul and mind are full to overflowing. I have read so much about the Cays and longed with every atom in my body to be able to see them someday. I actually get choked up and try to hold back my tears when Rick asks me on the way back to the boat if I am enjoying it. "Enjoying" doesn't even touch how I am feeling.

 A huge pile of ancient conch shells - I will show this to customs in 
Canada if I find a nice one to bring home and they refuse to 
let me in with it because they're endangered or some such stupid reason

A gorgeous deserted beach, one of many around here

Our boat, Sophisticated Lady, silhouetted in the setting sun

Another gorgeous sunset

When we get back to the boat, Alessandra and I sit on the side of the boat with our feet hanging off into the void and talk about the English language (she is Italian) and about reading for an hour or two. It's an interesting conversation and really the first one we've had. It ends up being pretty much the last one we have as well. She isn't very social and spends pretty much all day either sleeping or on her iPhone texting.

She makes chicken for dinner and it ends up being super salty. She added salt without tasting. Rick gives her a hard time about it, in a joking way, and she won't eat hers. I eat mine because I am so hungry, while she protests the whole time that I should toss it out.

After dinner I am in the usual place, the cockpit, reading. I fall asleep and it is all quiet aboard when I move into my cabin at 9:30.

All photographs are mine and not to be copied without express permission from me (click on them to see the large version).
Some names have been changed to protect my butt.

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