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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This Sunday, December 5th, at 8pm you can watch another movie I worked on this year, on The Lifetime Movie Network. It's the one I wrote about here called On Strike for Christmas. You can go see a trailer for it here - and again, it doesn't seem to work in Canada. Booooo!!!

I mentioned in that other blog post that I taught several of the ladies with key roles in the movie, including Daphne Zuniga, how to knit and that I had joked with the producer that I wanted a credit as 'knitting instructor'. Well, I talked to the producer, Jim, the other day and he told me I DO have a credit at the end for 'Knitting Consultant'. I was super thrilled to hear it. So my name will appear in the credits twice - the other time as Script Supervisor, of course.

So watch the movie and let me know if you saw my special credit. I don't get that network up here in Canada so I can't see it for myself. Jim did promise to send me a DVD of the movie though. I hope he remembers!
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