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Monday, September 27, 2010


I just completed 6 weeks on two movies for the same producers. The second one was a Christmas movie to air on Lifetime Movie Network on December 5th, called On Strike for Christmas. It stars Daphne Zuniga of One Tree Hill and David Sutcliffe of Gilmore Girls. What a super nice guy he is. I just loved his personality and he's an amazing actor with great instincts and impeccable comedic timing. My youngest is a huge Gilmore Girls fan so I had her bring down one of her boxed sets when she was passing through on a recent trip to Disneyland and had him sign it for her. Julia Duffy was in the cast and I loved her from the Newhart show (she was the maid in the Inn he owned). She is a delightful lady and I envy the women who get to call her a friend.

One fun thing; I got to teach 3 or 4 women on the cast how to knit. In the story, the main character owns a knitting store and the ladies sit around and knit as they chat. Daphne didn't know how to knit and so I taught her and a couple of others. Daphne was hooked and continued to knit through the entire movie while waiting between setups for lighting to finish. She completed a piece that was the perfect shape to make a little hat. She gave it to an actor who was playing her son but it ended up on the head of one of our producers, Jim. Here he is with Daphne wearing the hat. I told Jim that I want a credit at the end for 'Knitting Instructor'. I hope I get it. That would be fun.

The art department did such a fantastic job of turning an empty storefront into a knitting shop that we actually had women coming in to browse for wool while we were all on lunch!

I had a great time and I don't think I have ever laughed so much on a show before. I am really sorry it's over BUT... I got the kids series so I will be working until the end of April, thank the Lord!!!!! It's a four day work week and only 10 hour days so I will actually get to have a life. The trade off is not as much money but I am fine with that.

The show is called Mr. Young and is for YTV, a kids network here in Canada. The premise of the story is that the main Character, Adam Young, is a child genius and graduated university at age 13. He is now a teacher in the high school that he would normally be attending. So in his classes are his sister, his best friend, and a girl he has a crush on. It is a sitcom, the first ever to be shot in front of a live studio audience here in western Canada so it's a pretty big deal to have gotten it.

I am so in the Christmas mood, thanks to the show I just finished. We spent 10 days in a house that was decorated for Christmas inside and the last two nights outside in a cul-de-sac that was ablaze with Christmas lights and decorations. It was so much fun!!! (except for the deluge our first day/night outside - blah! We all got soaking wet through).

So, as a result, I have started Christmas shopping. I have three people completely bought for; a few more smaller gifts bought; and an almost complete list on my cool new iPhone app, Christmas List. I LOVE it!!!

OH!! And, AND, I have booked my trip to Palm Springs for another Christmas in the desert with all of those fabulous (gay) men. I can't wait!
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