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Saturday, May 1, 2010



All I did for my birthday was eat, eat, eat. One friend took me out for breakfast, another for a late lunch, and then my friend I live with made me a T-bone steak dinner and then took me out for dessert. I honestly don't eat that much food in three days. Then the day after, I went to see Isolde, my son's girlfriend, to get my hair done. She was appalled when she realized it had been my birthday (they both forgot) and so ran out while my color was processing and surprised me with a beautiful posy of flowers and a little box containing a strawberry and cream pastry and a chocolate mousse slice. Oh my! We both had a taste of each... amazing... and then I polished off the strawberry cream (as it would have spoiled in the heat, so I really had no choice!) and saved the mousse for later.

After my hair was done I drove over to North Vancouver to see my daughter and we ended up going out for sushi once her hubby got home.

I swore I wouldn't eat for a week. But now, I am heading out on a 'date'. I met a fellow on Plenty of Fish who lives in Victoria but is over here for the day to visit his dad. We have arranged to meet for lunch at the Olive Garden. I go with hesitation. I am pretty much over the on-line dating experiment (on and off for 6 years). I'm tired of expending the effort to get to know someone and then have it go nowhere. And I am tired of feeling like I don't measure up to the most ridiculous expectations for what my figure should be. Hey guys... I am 52. I had three kids. I post full length shots. There should be no surprise when you meet me. Yes. I need to lose weight and I state that in my profile.

So off I go with no expectations. Other than it probably won't work out.

Either way, I am taking my profile down today.
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