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Friday, June 3, 2011


It's been miserable since I got home - raining and COLD!!! And that isn't just me not being able to acclimatize because the furnace has been coming on. It's actually COLD!

I arranged to meet a good friend in Vancouver for the day on Sunday and it ended up being partly sunny and actually warmish when the sun was out. We met at her place near Gastown for brunch and then went for a walk. (I had lunch on Saturday with two of my kids but I can't talk about that just yet. UPDATE June20: Ok now I can - I am going to be a GRANDMA!!!! - but I won't be called grandma or grannie or nana. I like Nona but my daughter doesn't so we will see. The baby is due December 23.)

This city can be gorgeous when it wants to be. I hope it 'wants' to be more often and soon. That was our only good weather day since I got home.

Memories of sand between my toes and humid air warms my days and haunts my dreams. My head is still back in the BVI.
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