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Monday, May 24, 2010


I walked into Fort Langley to watch the May Day parade. As I cut through the park the tantalizing smell of barbeque was already wafting on the breeze. The Lions Club had a huge grill made from half oil drums covered in racks that were covered in chicken.

I found my friend and her grandson at the curb as the Vancouver Police Motorcycle Drill Team started their performance right in front of us. It was really great.

The parade itself started with fire trucks and then a long line of vintage cars each with a local politician being chaufffeured along at about 5 km an hour. I got a kick out of the sign for the MOSTLY British Motoring Club.

The entire parade after that was basically just one long commercial for local businesses and clubs. All in all, a bit of a letdown. No fancy floats, not a single clown, no people on stilts. Boring really. The best part was the motorcycles and the apple bannock. I don't think I will be making the effort again.

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