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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I moved into my new little suite a week or so ago and I love it!

It is decorated in a Mexican theme and living here feels like being on a holiday.

From the door looking into the suite(I covered the windows with scarves for some privacy as there's just straw blinds on them - I will find navy matching ones soon to match the fireplace paint)

Looking towards the entrance and kitchen

Pretty bathroom sink

Unfortunately, it's not in Mexico so there isn't a gorgeous beach outside those French doors. Instead, I am way up at the foot of the mountains of the North Shore and right outside those doors is a rainforest. Not exactly my kind of environment.

One feature I really am enjoying is the king sized bed that is suspended from the ceiling with heavy ropes. I have always loved the motion of rocking to go to sleep to - on a boat or in a hammock; now I can rock myself to sleep every night! The only drawback is that it stops rocking too soon and I have to move a bit to get it going again.

Hanging king-size bed

Fireplace & TV across from the couch

The suite comes fully equipped with most everything I need; linens, towels, kitchen utensils and appliances, dishes, etc. I am finding that I would rather have my own can opener, knives, and cutlery as well as I'd like a rice cooker and a grill so come the spring, when I go through the SEVENTY boxes in my friends crawlspace, I will bring those things here and then it will be perfect.

Best part of all, I am friends with the woman who owns the house - we've worked in the same business for years and became good friends. If I have to live in a basement suite, I can only do it if I know the people I am renting from. So this makes me very happy.

Also, instead of 45 minutes from Langley, I am much closer to my daughter - the one who is having a baby in December. I thought she might think I was encroaching on her territory and not be too pleased but she told me that she is excited to have me so close with the baby soon here. Then if she really needs her mom, she can call and I will be there in 5 minutes. It makes me happy to know I will be needed again. The hardest part of the past 5 years or so has been the 'empty nest syndrome' and feeling like I had lost my purpose in life. Granted, I have been doing a LOT better with it all, especially in the past year or two. But I can't help but feel excited at the future and what it will bring.
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