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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Two drivers that work for the same bus company, Premier Pacific, are in the trailer to get coffee and are talking about an Olympic network bus they saw pulled over on the highway surrounded by four fire trucks and an ambulance. There was a stretcher out on the side of the road. They speculate about what could have happened.

Today I read in the paper that a 71 year old bus driver died at the wheel of heart attack and that one of the other 5 drivers aboard jumped up and steered the bus off to the side of the highway and managed to pull it to a stop without incident. It was a shuttle bus picking up other drivers from their hotels and taking them to the depot. I see three or four of those buses on the highway on my drive in to work every morning.

The five drivers aboard got the day off. One of my regular drivers didn't show up yesterday, instead there was a driver I hadn't ever had replacing him. Makes me wonder if he was on that bus.

It's a miracle no one was hurt.
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