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Friday, April 27, 2012


Today, right now, a year ago, I was in the air on my way to the BVI with a new smile and a sore mouth.

This has been one of the longest years I can ever recall. It seems so long ago that I was in hot and arid Arizona. Forever since I took a long walk on the beach from Neptune's Treasure to Cow Wreck Beach and Hidden Treasure. Ages since my daughter told me she was pregnant.

It's been quite the year. My son got engaged. My daughter had a baby - thus I became a grandparent!! I moved away from the town I had lived in for 28 years to a brand new town clear across the other side of the map of the lower mainland. I had the time of my life for a month in the BVI and for another month shooting Flicka 3 in Kelowna. I made some new friends in the business and in the BVI. As a fledgeling travel writer, I sold my first piece to an online magazine. I FINALLY went to a Coldplay concert!!!!!

All in all, it's been a fantastic year and I am so blessed and grateful for it all. Tomorrow I turn 54, rushing towards the dreaded 60. But a year that takes as long to live, and is as full, as this one was seems to slow that ominous clock's ticking quite significantly. Here's hoping the remaining years of my 50's go as slowly. Let's hope all of my remaining years do!

Either way.....Carpe Diem!!
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