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Friday, October 11, 2013

YVR to LAX to MIA to GND

As usual for me, I get to Vancouver airport far too early but I'd rather that than be freaking out because I am afraid of missing my flight.  I went through that one time in Miami, and I never want to feel that level of stress and panic over the very real prospect of missing a flight ever, ever again.  I actually have time to have a nice, leisurely meal as I knew there'll be nothing served on the flights.

My flight from LA to Miami is overnight, arriving at 6:30am and I have a 9 hour layover.  Walking through the terminal I see a sign for American Airline's Admiralty Lounge.  Oh what a great idea!  On enquiring, it will cost me $50 US dollars but I consider that a small price to pay for some peace and comfort.   There are free snacks and a couple of machines that dispense the best hot chocolate I've ever tasted - some sort of spice in it.  Add to that, huge windows looking out onto the runway and a plethora of magazines and the 9 hours virtually flies by.

My plane to Grenada!

The plane is an hour and a half late leaving thanks to some passenger suddenly deciding he no longer wishes to fly to Grenada.  The luggage compartment is opened up and the handlers begin to search for his bag.  It takes them 35 minutes to finally find it, and we can hear them tossing the bags about, then the pilot comes on the intercom to tell us that, in the search, the wall of the compartment has been damaged and a panel is being brought over to replace it.  I looked at my seat-mate, a lovely looking 35ish fellow "If that's the case, what kind of shape must our luggage be in?!?" I ask and we both laugh a bit nervously.   We get to chatting and it turns out he is from Belize, an officer in the military there, and is the assistant to their Governor General who is up in first class.  They are flying to Grenada on official business to do with the 30th anniversary of the toppling of the post-coup military invasion.  I had not realized until this moment that it was the anniversary let alone 30 years.

My lovely Belizean seat-mate - wish I had written down his name.

Having lost our place in the lineup for take-off, once the panel is replaced, we have another half hour wait on the tarmac for our turn to go.  I am worried because Rick is planning to meet me at 7:30 at the airport in Grenada so send him a quick text and let him know I won't be there till 9.

We arrive in Grenada and it is so hot!!  The heavy warm air is fabulous!  And again, that scent that only comes in a tropical environment fills my senses and I feel giddy with excitement.

Rick isn't here yet so I take the time to use the ATM in the departure area to get the Caribbean dollars I will need.  Thanks to Trip Advisor, I knew this was a good place to tick this off of my short list of things to do.

Rick and his girlfriend, Alessandra, finally arrive with a video camera to record my 'arrival'.  Rick is bearing a mug of rum and coke for me.  It is icy cold and very welcome, if rather strong for my taste.

We get into the cab of a character named 'Cat Eye' and head over to Prickly Bay Marina, where the boat is anchored.  Being that it is dark out, I can't see much of the island but I can see enough to realize that the roads are impossibly narrow and that people drive like madmen.  And there are people walking at the side of the road everywhere!  I am thinking my idea not to rent a car until I get a feel for what driving here might be like was a good one!

At the marina, we head over to the boat in the dinghy to get my stuff aboard and so I can change into something much much lighter, and then head back to the marina to join the party happening at the bar there.  I am famished so order a pizza.  Honestly, it is the best pizza I have had in my life.  Thin, crispy crust and delicious toppings.  I wash it down with a cold Carib... I don't drink beer as I don't like it but didn't know what else to order and it actually went great with the pizza.

Rick, Me and Alessandra - no idea who the other guy is

I am very happy to finally be on this island and to sleep on a sailboat tonight!

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Some names have been changed to protect my butt.

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