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Saturday, May 21, 2011


When I dial my cell phone voice mail and there's no message, a woman's voice says, "Not much to tell you." Well, that's how I feel about blogging today.

Yesterday morning, I was at Sebastian's outdoor area, on the computer, killing time until Jo's daughter dropped her off as planned. She said it would be around 11:00 and when she still wasn't here at 11:45 I began to wonder. Then I checked my blog for comments and Jo had left two saying that she wouldn't be coming by after all. I was pretty bummed as I was looking forward to the company.

So I headed up to Long Bay Resort alone, planning to enjoy their pool and deck chairs for the afternoon but just as I pulled in, it started to drizzle. Drizzle soon turned to rain, and then rain to a downpour. So I sat at the outdoor bar, half under cover, wrapped in a towel, and got to know the bartender - a very pleasant woman.

Again, it was a bit nostalgic being up on the pool deck as that is where Ashleigh, my daughter, had her wedding reception. I will never forget walking up the stairs and seeing the setting for the first time - it took my breath away, it was so beautifully transformed. Now it's just a regular pool deck with deck chairs lined up, waiting for sunshine and sun worshipers and it's hard to picture it as it was that night.

The pool deck all 'decked' out for the wedding reception.

The pool deck today. And look at the clouds on the hill, where the weather is coming from!

I tried waiting it out, but after an hour or more, I gave up and drove back to my hotel room. And good thing I did because, no sooner was I in my room than the downpour turned into a deluge. I mean, it rained so hard I couldn't hear the TV at the highest volume setting.

So - a day spent in my room, watching TNT movies (Lake House, The Last Samurai) and then went down to the restaurant for a bowl of lentil soup.

Exciting stuff, huh? But what is great is that even on the worst rainy days it's still WARM here. I LOVE that!!!!!
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