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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Other than items for travel, I don't review products on my blog as that's not what it's about. But I am so frustrated at a new purse, and more importantly, at the lack of any kind of response from the manufacturer, that I am using this venue as a way to utilize word-of-mouth - a very powerful tool.

I bought my first Nicole Lee bag this fall and I HATE it. I love the look but functionally it is garbage. It is the Crystal in silver/black. When you pick it up by the handles, the front pocket pops open. EVERY SINGLE TIME. It's closed with a magnetic clasp but it should have been a toggle clasp to prevent this happening. AND... if the large compartment of the purse is more than half full, THAT pops open all of the time as well. Just useless. At $69 plus tax (what I paid at LUCY'S in Langley) I expect a lot better than this.

The hateful handbag. Pretty but useless.

Worse... I wrote two reviews on their website about it, the second one when I saw they hadn't posted the first one - the second one wasn't posted to the site either. I sort of get not wanting to post a negative review but.. BUT... not a single email to me to apologise, refund my money, or offer a solution.

I won't be buying another one of their bags... EVER!!
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