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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Someone who reads my blog pointed out that I could be an agent for Amazon. That means that I could put a link on here to items that I talk about in my blog so that you, dear reader, could buy them if interested and I would earn a tiny commission! So I just added a few of those links to older blogs but, because you've already read them and most likely won't be going back to them, I will put them up here.

Aztec is the fabulous book I read while at the houseboat in Florida. An amazing read and I highly recommend it.

Catherine Cookson is the author I discovered while in Kelowna, and I am still working my way through the dozens of books she has written. This is the one that started it all. (Yikes! Eighty bucks for a hardcover? It was good but not THAT good. Check out used bookstores for the paperback version.)

Palm Springs a la Carte is the book I was so absorbed in on the flight back from PS that I had no idea we were landing and nearly jumped out of my seat with fright when we touched down.

Myst Riven and Exile are the games I recently mentioned that I was obsessed with a few years back and that the visuals in Avatar reminded me so vividly of. I am serious; if you haven't played them you should give them a try. Even if you haven't ever played a video game in your life. They are fabulous. I promise.

And last and least, the dreaded Olympic mascots that everyone in BC hates but the rest of the world seem to love.
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