I wanted to shake up my life and go sailing (or learn on the job, so-to-speak) so headed to Florida to crew on a catamaran. This is about how it went or, rather, didn't - and my life since. Hopefully it will lead to a catamaran on the clear aqua blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, watching the sunset, a coconut rum and coke in hand. You must START AT THE BEGINNING of the blog, April 2009, to get the whole story...

Monday, March 1, 2010


I am a bit discouraged by the fact that I rarely get any comments on my blog. It's akin to being on a stage, I think, giving it your all and then when done everyone just looks at you with a blank face in stony silence. I follow about 7 blogs on a regular basis. They get half a dozen comments on every post, at least. So it makes me wonder what I am doing wrong, or if anyone is really interested in this blog. I know I have regular readers; my stat counter shows that quite clearly. And when I post something new, the readership jumps to between 50 and 70 for that day. But the lack of comments is not reflecting the following and I have no idea why. Maybe it's time for me to get off of the stage.
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