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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well, the Caribbean seems just that little bit closer today.

I got a text from another script supervisor this morning asking if I was interested in working on second unit for the next four days. Of course I said YES! It's another in the series of 'Buddy' puppy movies so I will probably be working with the pups every day. Should be a lot of fun.

Then an hour or so later I got a call from the Production Manager (PM) of a show starting May 3 asking if she could lock me in. I knew about this gig from talking with Kim, who is also to be the DP, on line. He told me who was directing and then suggested I give the PM a call after the weekend. He also said he just wrote an email to the director, suggesting he hire me as scripty. I went straight over to the directors FaceBook page and posted a message on his wall saying 'Pick me! Pick me!' The three of us worked together on a movie in the summer of 2008 and had a great time. I was back to chatting with Kim when I saw that the director had responded, so went to see what he said and he had written "Gee you're quick. I just wrote a letter to Kim to tell him you were my first choice." Thus I was pretty confident I would get it, but nothing is for certain in this business so getting the call today moves me one step closer. I don't count on anything until the deal memo is signed and I hope to get that done next week.

A bit later I was talking to Ron, the director I spent Christmas with, and he said he will be coming up in May to prep for his two shows and we will start shooting the end of May. So that's fantastic. It will dovetail nicely with this show ending. ALSO... yes, more good news... he has another bigger show in July that the producers had been talking about shooting back east but now has been decided will be shot in Victoria. SO... it looks like I will be staying fairly busy until the end of July or so AND get to spend some time on the Island in the summer again. YAY!!

I can't tell you how great this feels.

And I can almost feel that Caribbean breeze and the soft warm sand under my feet!
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