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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Often when a show is wrapped, many of the crew fall ill. It's as if while you're working you don't have time to get ill but as soon as you're done, then it hits. It's happened to me several times. This show, I had been sneezing and sniffling for about the last week but I put it down to being out in the freezing cold for so many days, and I didn't feel sick otherwise - no aches or fever. The runny nose stopped as soon as the show was wrapped so I definitely tied it to being out in the cold.

I watched Malia Wednesday, while her mommy went for a massage. I had a bit of a cough developing and was worried I might pass it on to the baby but it felt more like just a tickle in my throat so wasn't too worried. I also hardly coughed while I was there so felt it should be okay.

Last night, I coughed so much that I didn't sleep all night and I coughed till I threw up at one point. Also I had a spell of coughing so bad that I couldn't get a breath and when I finally did, I made a terrible whooping sound. That freaked me out. I honestly thought I was going to pass out before I could get a breath. Then the whoop scared me. Today I looked up whooping cough symptoms and I think I might have it. I just heard that it broke out way up the valley in Chilliwack and has made its way through Abbotsford, Langley and they're expecting it to hit Vancouver soon. Seeing how I spent a week in Abbotsford and a few days in Langley, it's not past the realm of possibility I picked it up. What scares me to death is that I might have passed it on to Malia. I am going to the doctor tomorrow to find out if it is what I have. If so, Ashleigh is going to take Malia in to start antibiotics before she gets the symptoms.

I'm so worried.
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