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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My life is never going to be the same. I have fallen hopelessly in love with a new person in my life and this is a FOREVER love.

Meet my new granddaughter, Malia Katherine.

She arrived 10 days late, on January 2nd at 5:57am weighing in at 8lbs13oz. Mom did AMAZING with instant onset of hard labour that woke her up at 12:30am with less than 30 seconds between contractions. Her dula kept assuring her that she had lots of time thus they barely made it to the hospital in time - mommy got into the bed and not 5 minutes and just ONE PUSH later, Malia arrived! They are both doing fabulous.

My other daughter was down from Kelowna for Christmas and had taken extra time off to be here for the birth but it was looking like she going home without meeting her niece. In fact, she had set her alarm for 8:30 to depart that very morning. When her phone rang at 7:30 I thought it was her alarm except my phone was ringing at the same time, which confused me as it woke me from a deep sleep. "That's your alarm" I mumbled to Shonah then realized my phone was ringing as well so picked it up and saw "Asheigh" on caller ID. I knew right away why she was calling and jumped up out of bed. I was squealing before I even answered the call, I think. The reason both our phones were ringing at the same time was Rob dialed Shonah on his phone and Ashleigh me on hers at the same time and then Ashleigh held them both to her ears and spoke to us together.

We got ready FAST and then headed to the hospital, 5 minutes away, stopping on the way for Starbucks for all of us and for roses, a couple of mylar balloons and muffins (for Rob as I figured he'd be starving) and for photos of the glorious sunset that heralded her arrival. We cried as we got ready at home and we cried again as soon as we saw the baby. I got to hold her right away and as I uncovered her a little so I could see her better I laid my finger by her hand and she grabbed it (she was sleeping) and Ashleigh said that was the first time she had grabbed anyone's finger!!

We stayed a couple of hours and Christopher and Isolde arrived about an hour after we got there - Ashleigh called Christopher about half an hour after we arrived; she wanted us to get there first which was really nice of her to do as this was Shonah's only time with the baby before she left to go home (at noon now instead of 9).

I was so happy that the baby came when she did. When we were going to bed the night before, we had just come from Rob and Ashleigh's place and Shonah was so sad that the baby hadn't come. Ashleigh seemed fine and wasn't feeling any twinges so Shonah was sure it wouldn't be born that night even though I said maybe it would come. "No it won't mom, she will probably be born on WEDNESDAY!" We got to bed just after midnight. After turning out the light, I prayed for about 10 minutes that the baby would come in the night so Shonah could meet her, and then expected to fall right off to sleep as I normally do but I tossed and turned for about two hours. SO not like me. But I never thought that it might be because Ashleigh WAS in labour!! I finally fell off to sleep and then woke to the phone ringing and hearing a baby crying in the background when I answered. Such joy. I can't even describe it.

I haven't seen her since that morning as mommy, daddy and little Malia are spending time alone at home, bonding. My arms are aching to hold her again and I feel like I might go insane if it doesn't happen soon. I had NO IDEA it would feel like this to be a grandma (or NAN as I will be called). As a new mom, you get to have your baby whenever you want it. As a grandma that isn't the case.

Lots of people told me how much fun it would be to be a grandma but no one told me how hard it would be between visits!


  1. Oh how very lovely to welcome a new grand daughter! Many many congratulations to your family, and many happy heart filled moments to you and baby Malia. I suspect there will be shopping for glorious baby attire! What fun!

  2. Oh yes, there has been much shopping done already in anticipation - we knew it was going to be a girl. Now I just want to cuddle her all the live-long day. I am heading over there today to take them lunch and spend an hour doing just that! Thank you for your congratulations and wishes!


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