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Friday, December 30, 2011


Christmas is over and now we are in that 'no man's land' between it and New Years. I had hoped there'd be a baby to help fill it in but she has decided that she's not ready to make her appearance yet.

Christmas Eve was fun with the kids over in my little place. We all fit quite well and I think all had a good time. Christopher forgot to bring the board games so we were a bit stymied for something to do once everyone was stuffed to the gills with the buffet of food I had prepared.

One thing we did was watch a video one of my friends had posted to her FaceBook page a few days before. I had watched it and laughed all the way through and my kids loved it, so here it is for you to enjoy: T'was the Night Before Christmas - Drunk. It's not like any other you've ever seen. WARNING: bad language throughout.

Watching Muppet's Christmas - Rob had never seen it so was subjected to it.

Christmas Day my youngest daughter and I went to my friend Fran's house for Christmas dinner. Her youngest daughter is the best friend of my youngest so we had a lovely time. Rob and Ashleigh stayed home for the day in anticipation of the baby's arrival as they didn't want to be far from the hospital she will give birth at.

My good friends, Fran and Tom.

The rest of the week I have spent alone and bored out of my mind. I decided to download season one of Breaking Bad as I keep hearing how good it is and I am HOOKED. I am now almost done season two and have three and four downloaded and ready to watch.

I also downloaded the Christmas special of Downton Abbey - one of my all time favourite TV series. I watched it last night and it was glorious. I highly recommend the series.

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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