I wanted to shake up my life and go sailing (or learn on the job, so-to-speak) so headed to Florida to crew on a catamaran. This is about how it went or, rather, didn't - and my life since. Hopefully it will lead to a catamaran on the clear aqua blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, watching the sunset, a coconut rum and coke in hand. You must START AT THE BEGINNING of the blog, April 2009, to get the whole story...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I just returned from a month in the Dominican Republic.  It was a very interesting trip, not what I had anticipated.

I want to blog about it in the upcoming days, but as anyone who blogs knows, it is very time consuming.  I am wondering if it is worth the time as I am not sure that I have enough interest or readership to devote the hours that it will require.

So I am asking you all.... are you interested in how the trip went and the things I learned along the way (I also made a very big purchase that I would be detailing)?

Know that your replies will definitely be what motivates me to continue with this blog because, really, if I don't blog this trip - I won't be blogging future ones either and so this will most likely end here.

Thanks to you all!!!  I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Have always enjoyed reading about your adventures here and was looking forward to learning more about your experience in the DR so please keep up the blog! Andrew :-)

  2. I'd be interested to read it!

  3. I LOVE reading about your adventures.
    I LOVE your writing style.
    I LOVE you - you are full of inspiration and wisdom, kindness and compassion....

  4. Please keep the blog for those of us living vicariously through it.

  5. I sure wish I knew who all you Anon's are! So six people want me to continue. A rather disappointing result. Not sure I want to continue. The one thing that might tip the scale and compel me to keep writing is it IS a great record of my trips for me to go back and refresh my memory. So.... still considering.

  6. I am in Samana right now, sailing the North Coast to Luperon before heading off to Turks and Caicos at the end of March.........would be interested in your views on the Dominican Republic



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