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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Got up to sunshine and blue sky above but there are big dark clouds over the island.  I say that it looks like we are in for bad weather but Alessandra says it's normal and will be gone in an hour. I have my doubts but then again, the weather does move fast in the islands.

Three hours later and we are still here as the clouds have now moved overhead and it is raining.  We were going to move the boat over to Hog Island for the barbeque tonight but it's too risky to take the boat through the reef in this wind.  I am disappointed as I was really looking forward to it, having read about Rogers and the bbq on Zero to Cruising, a blog of friends of mine.

10:30am we head over to Port Louis marina for diesel and water.  As we are on our way, the weather breaks and by the time we arrive, it is sunny in almost a cloudless sky and the wind has died down so it is nice and hot again.

St. George's and the Carenage 

Port Louis Marina

We anchor just around the corner from Port Louis.  The boat, Elephant's Child is 2 boats away.  This is a boat I have considered joining to learn how to sail as the owner has an ad on Crew Wanted for a first mate and is willing to teach. I have been in contact with him, off and on for a couple of years, over the internet.  Now here is his boat!  I'd love to be able to meet the owner, John.  He's a Scotsman.

At 3pm we FINALLY head off to the beach!  We take the dinghy to Grand Anse, a beach I have read about and plan to spend considerable time on during the 'on land' part of this trip.  We tie up at small dock near a bar on the far north end of the beach.  

It's a really nice beach but the sand is not as white or as fine as the sand in the BVI.  

There is a hotel at the very end of the beach that is next to a plot of empty land, well - empty of buildings but has lots of trees and several small fishing boats that look like big row boats.   There are several men in among the trees and it almost looks as though they live there, with what looks like a make-shift tent and a fire burning.  Glad I am not booked in at that hotel for the land based 10 days.

In the dinghy heading to the beach

Fish nets spread out to dry in front of the empty lot

Grand Anse Beach; the north end

Rick and Alessandra have a beer at the small bar while I go in search of beach glass, which I find plenty of in one spot about 10 yards before the sand ends and mountain begins.

We are back on the boat by 6 and by 6:30 there is no sign of any dinner prep and I am starving.  Really not how I envisioned this and I am feeling kinda disappointed.

Finally at 8 we have dinner, a pasta dish - spaghetti with tomato sauce and herbs.  It's very tasty but there isn't enough of it and I am still hungry when we clean up.

A huge system comes through at about 9:30pm lasting for a few hours.  It is very windy and lots of rain finally forces me out of the cockpit where I was alone, reading and munching on a couple of ginger snaps. I sit on the banquette below and read for a bit more. Rick and Alessandra went to bed hours ago.

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