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Monday, June 20, 2011


Sunset on Anegada

Tomorrow is the longest day of the year. Tomorrow is the first day of summer.

You could have fooled me.

The weather in and around Vancouver since my return from the BVI has been nothing short of MISERABLE. Cloudy, cold, raining... I think there have been three days where I have actually seen the sunshine. Gladly, one of them was last Thursday on my daughter's birthday. I took her out shopping for some makeup at a fabulous wholesale place (I can shop there because I have a movie union card) and then for a lovely lunch at Havana on 'The Drive'. The day before was the first time she had managed to keep her food down in 13 weeks and so we had high hopes that she would not only enjoy lunch but be able to hang onto it. Alas it was not to be. No sooner had we left the restaurant than she felt the meal was very heavy in her tummy. I took her home so she could have a nap before going out for a birthday dinner with her hubby later that evening and she called a bit later to say she had lost most of her lunch. Poor girl! She's lost 10lbs or more and it has really sapped all of her energy. (You know, writing this I don't think I have written on my blog that I am to be a grandmother come the end of the year [I just updated this post where I sort-of hinted at something when I originally wrote it]. I was told on the day my kids and I went to White Rock for a Mother's Day fish & chips lunch [although I had to pay for my own lunch so not sure if it was for MD - it was supposed to be, because I was away on actual MD]. I had suspected that they were going to tell me that very thing and had said as much to my friend the day before. I have no idea how I know these things but I often do. Anyhow I was very excited at the news and am really looking forward to this new chapter of my life.)

This card was in an envelope and with all the other mail my daughter had collected for me while I was gone. That is how they told me!

Anyway, back to this CRAPPY weather. I feel like I am going to go insane and I am not kidding. I just want to scream at the top of my voice that I HATE HATE HATE it here and I want out. People tell me "oh you would miss the seasons if you moved south." Oh really? What seasons would those be, exactly? The fall, winter and spring which is basically one long season of GREY and RAIN and COLD?

Vancouver in the rain. That sure is no Caribbean beach!

I love the Caribbean and would live there in a heartbeat but I can't work there so that is out. AND the cost of living is stupid high so even if I could get work, which I can't, I couldn't afford to come home to see my kids (and now a grandchild as of the end of this year) as much as I'd want to - if at all. I'd move to California - I love Palm Springs despite there being no beaches - but I can't work there either. I have never been so frustrated in my life as I have these past two years. I am SO DONE with the Pacific North West.

If anyone knows a way out - I am all ears.

Palm Springs

P.S. Sorry for the rant but I am seriously at the end of my rope and very stressed out at the moment. I know I should be just grateful that I had a month in the Caribbean while everyone else was here, toughing it out - I really do. But some people can handle this weather better than I do. I feel like I have put up with it for years and I am DONE with it. I just want to run away from it all. Also, it is hard not to have someone to share life's ups and downs with and I am weary of going it alone. In the rain. And then an invitation to THIS that I can't go to, and the fact that Walker and Nancy are back at Hidden Treasure as of today was sort of the last straw. I want to be there.

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