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Sunday, May 1, 2011


I walked 5 miles of beach today. It took me over 3 hours because I took my time, looking at everything, taking pictures, stopping for a swim, and one other surprise I will tell you in pictures (with comments).

In fact, let me just tell you it all in pictures:

Where I've just walked from, the white buildings in the center of the picture.

The point ahead, as far as I originally planned to go (I am over halfway there).

So that wasn't really the point... I keep going.

Looking back, wow I've walked a long way - that's where I started way in the distance.

Now I am at the point.

See the waves coming in from two different sides? I decide to walk on. It's too pretty up ahead to stop here.

After about an hour or so of walking on, I became overwhelmed by the beauty of the place and the wonder that I was here to see it...

...and I wept...

...and wept.

I want to keep going so I will walk to that point.

Beach art along the way. Front...

...and back.

It was so sunny out I couldn't see read the screen on my camera at all so had no idea I was in this.

This little guy led me along for a ways before walking behind me and following for a bit.

There was a pelican sitting on a branch but as I got closer...

...he flew away!

About this time I had been walking for two hours and was ready for a rest but I knew if I sat on the sand, I would have a hard time getting up with my bad knee and was wishing there was a lounge chair nearby when... I saw this poking up from the sand from afar and thought it looked like the legs of a lounge chair and as I got closer I knew that was what it was but I figured it would be a ruin and there would be no slats.

I pulled it up out of the sand, washed it off in the sea and not a slat was missing. It was perfect! So...

...I got to relax on a lounge chair for half an hour or so...

...and then a big cloud came and it started to rain. I got up and started walking again and it stopped raining right away - I only got sprinkled on. But it's a good thing it happened or I might never have moved from this spot!

I came to a place where I couldn't keep walking on the beach, there were trees and shrub in the way because the beach had washed away in a storm.

I cut inland on this road and away from the breeze on the beach, so it got very hot very quickly.

The road came to a 'T' and I turned left. Up ahead was something I have wanted to see for myself for some time.

To be continued....


  1. that looks like such a gorgeous and peaceful place. you're so blessed to be there!

  2. That's so awesome Sandy - sounds like God met you full on and provided when you needed rest - I mean, really, what are the odds that you would find a perfect beach chair out in the middle of nowhere exactly when you need it! So cool!

  3. That's amazing...sounds like God met you on the beach...and then provided a chair when you needed rest...so awesome!

  4. Sharon, I am blessed indeed to be here. I can't believe it most of the time. It is paradise.

  5. "Mom" - I know!! I felt exactly the same way when I saw it... it was such a surreal experience to find it lying there, like it was waiting for me.

  6. Sandy - the photos are gorgeous! What a place. And imagine being all alone there, omigosh!
    You shoud print those pics out and put them in white modern frames on a long wall...would be so pretty!
    Keep havin' fun!

  7. Lynne, if I had a long wall I would do just that.

    It's really stunning here. And, believe it or not, the pictures barely do it justice.


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