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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


The day I walked to Cow Wreck Beach, Nancy was at the bar painting names of drinks on the backs of new chairs for Belle, the owner...

...while Belle looked on. I have been to the bar a few times now and this seems to be Belle's favourite spot and position to take up when business is slow.

The day after I ate the CHEESEBURGER IN PARADISE at Cow Wreck Beach, I was in agony. It started that evening actually, and went through the night. It seems my teeth aren't ready for solid food yet. I downed ibuprofen that Nancy gave me like they were candy.

I spent the entire next day in my room, lying on the bed reading and nodding off and eating pain pills. This is the view from my room that day.

And this is the sunset that night. I had to go out and take a picture or two (or seven) it was just so gorgeous.

The next day I was back at Cow Wreck at Hidden Treasure.

Cow Wreck Beach

Hidden Treasure from the beach.

It took 3 tries to get this - every time I was about to take a picture, a wave came in and washed it away.

Looking down the beach towards the bar at Cow Wreck.

Walker and his beloved view.

Nancy is starting to pack up the cottage on Thursday. I want to take them out for dinner to thank them for all the meals and driving and general hospitality they have so generously bestowed on me - someone they had never met before a few days ago. They decide that tomorrow, Wednesday, will be a good evening as Thursday they will be deep into packing up. Wednesday it is!

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