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Monday, April 18, 2011


I can finally stop stressing out. I thought I might rub a hole in my forehead today from the stress.

After the fellow at TLC Dental office telling me that he would call back in an hour and a half after his boss came in, THREE times, and the last time not calling me; AND after telling me that the B&B was closed for the four day weekend so I was out of luck for a place to stay those days - I went into crisis mode.

I found the website for the dentist (in the same town) that my friend went to a few weeks ago, Dr. Roberto Arce at The Smile Shoppe. I wrote and explained the situation and asked if he had space to take me. He replied an hour or so later to say that he was all booked up tomorrow but could take me on Wednesday, which is perfect because I am traveling tomorrow so wouldn't be able to see him then anyway. He didn't say if he was open Thursday and Friday or not, but I explained the amount of work I thought I was going to need and he seemed to think that he had enough time before I fly out on the 26th. So I am booked in with him.

I then found a hotel in Yuma, with a pool, that will set me back about $240 more than what I was going to pay for the B&B but, at this point, I don't care. I feel so much better about going to a dentist that someone I actually know went to and was thrilled with. I will have to cab it to the border each day so that's an added expense but I am fine with it all. For the peace of mind it has afforded me, it's worth it.

Onwards and upwards!


  1. Oh dear, Sandy! SO relieved that you changed your dentist, and now things will work out better for you.
    My love and prayers are with you!!!
    I so wish you an incredible time of refreshment and wonderful surprises of "goodness" along the way.


  2. Thank you so much, Erna. You are a dear friend and I appreciate your love and prayers more than you will know. xoxo

  3. Hi Sandra. I am sad to hear about your challenges with getting your dental work done. I will be sending you positive thoughts in hopes that it all goes smoothly in the end. Love Chris

  4. I do miss hanging out with you, Sandy!
    So sorry we did not get another date in at our house before you left!
    Hope to catch up when you get back, and hear all your wonderful adventures!!!

    Please know my heart and prayers are with you - buckets!!

  5. Have a wonderful trip Sandra - I look forward to reading about it soon! Laura xoxo


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