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Friday, March 4, 2011


My kids got sick of hearing that mantra over the years, I am sure.

I like to be organized. It's one of the reasons I am good at my job - it takes someone who is not only detail oriented, and has a huge bladder (no time to go to the loo, usually) but also incredibly organized.

When I started taking vitamins, I was very hit and miss because I just didn't have the time - or couldn't be bothered - opening and closing all kinds of bottles every morning, and about half as many at night. Then I hit on the idea of those little pill caddies. So I bought a set of purple ones for my morning pills and green for night. I bought four of each so that I could measure out a month's worth at a time and then forget about it. It worked like a charm!

But then I started to take some big pills - lecithin and fish oil - and now the lids wouldn't close on the containers. So I went down to the local dollar store and found some huge white caddies. I bought four and started using them for the morning pills.

When my daughter saw one of the new big caddies sitting on my night table she was disgusted and said I had now officially crossed into the domain of an old lady. Yikes!

But I still use them because, if I don't, I just don't take my vitamins!

And when traveling, I take as many weeks worth as I will be gone, and wrap them up in cling wrap so they don't open up in transit and spill into my clothing. Speaking of which, I will need to get two more of the big ones as I will be gone for 6 weeks on my upcoming trip!

Another thing I bought to keep me organized is this dandy little case from Target. I found it in the Palm Springs store when I was there for Christmas and I paid $5 for it. It has seven mesh pockets and keeps all of my cords organized for my iPhone, iPod, camera and (eventually) Kindle (the cord for my MacBook Pro is too big to fit in there) as well as my camera battery charger and a gadget for transferring photos directly from my camera to my iPod. I used to stuff all of the cords in a pocket of my carry-on luggage where they mysteriously managed to tangle themselves together on the flight, but now I can slip this into my purse or carry-on and everything stays nice and neat!

I love being organized!

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