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Monday, January 10, 2011


In my opinion, we just put the funniest episode of Mr.Young 'in the can' this past week. It's called Mr.Shakespeare and I can't wait to see the finished cut.

I felt ill all week with a very upset digestive system. Not sure what it was but I am suspicious of either the MSG I ate in the French Onion soup I had in Palm Springs, or else I picked up some bacteria in the water down there due to all of the flooding. Either way, it made for a very unpleasant week. But I did lose 6 lbs so it wasn't all bad!

I have started to look at flights to the BVI for April, when the show wraps for season one. I also want to go to Mexico to get a lot of much needed dental work done. So I looked at the cost of a round trip flight from Vancouver to Yuma - $560, and then a round trip flight from Vancouver to both St. Thomas and then to Beef Island - $1,200 to both so no savings for one over the other. Then I got the idea to check the price from Vancouver to Yuma, Yuma to St.Thomas (couldn't get it to do Beef Island) and St.Thomas to Vancouver - $930!!!!!! So - wow! That is definitely the best option. The only thing is, will I have enough money saved to get all my dental work done AND go to the BVI for a month? So far I am not doing so well at the saving. But, in my defense, I paid off a $5,000 debt, splurged a bit on my kids this Christmas seeing how I couldn't get them anything the past two years, and took a trip to Palm Springs. So now I have to get serious about saving.

The trip to the BVI won't be all about improving the pasty color of my skin (although that will be one of the priorities), it will also be about getting some serious writing done. I have far too many distractions at home, it seems. I need to do a page one rewrite of the script Ron Oliver and I am collaborating on as he came up with a fantastic idea for it over Christmas. And I want to write a little book about some of my travel experiences; a trip I took to England and Paris four years ago was so wrought with crazy experiences, the extent to which I never quite realized until I was recounting some of them recently, that I believe would make a fun read and a good little book. I really want to get serious about exploring the writer that has always been locked away inside of me. I just haven't let it out for more than a few days at a time and it's time - it's way past time. And just to confirm the feelings I have been experiencing about this, a coworker I don't see all that often was on set last week for one day and told me that she had been reading this blog, after I had regaled her and a few others at lunch one day with a few stories from the ill fated trip to Florida, and she encouraged me to get it down in book form and to transfer this blog into one that is meant for serious writers.

She is just one of many, many people in both my past and present who have told me I need to write a book. So I am thinking - the time is NOW!

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