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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yesterday I went shopping for some work clothes. Now that I am to work on a sound stage, in winter, I needed some extra things to accommodate that environment. Usually in winter I am bundled up to the eyeballs in layers and never get below the polar fleece jacket so it doesn't really matter what I am wearing underneath. Now it will be somewhat warmer on stage under all of the lights and I just didn't have any work appropriate shirts, and I needed some more of the pants I bought at Wal-Mart for $13 and LOVE. They are black knit legging sort of pants that are meant for exercising in but I think they look great with a long loose top. I have thin legs so it works for me. And they're uber comfortable.

I bought several of the exact same black t-shirt at Wal-Mart as well, as they have the low scoop neck and 3/4 sleeves that I like and were only $10 each. Then I went over to Winners to see if they had any nice vests to pair with the pants and t-shirts. I found one I liked but I also found a lovely grey top that looked great on me and is of a high quality jersey knit fabric. Long and a bit flowy it will look great with the legging pants. When I tried it on, the tag got caught somehow and came off. So when I took it to the cashier, I handed her the tag with an explanation. She took the tag and proceeded to reattach it with a tag gun. Not sure why as it was coming right back off as soon as I got home. She went to stick the needle part of the gun through the fabric. "OH! Please don't do that," I said, "it will make a hole and it will run." "I'm putting it through the seam. It'll be fine." She replied. She was young and obviously didn't know what she was talking about. "My experience has been that it will run. Please put it through the label." She totally ignored me and put it through the seam at the neckline. When I got it home and clipped the tag off, there was a hole. And when I tugged on it gently, it ran. I was so annoyed. Really annoyed. Before I gave my sewing machine and serger, and all the supplies to my daughter, I had a small bottle of 'Fray Check', which needs no explanation. I no longer have it so I took a bottle of clear nail polish and dotted it on the hole to keep it from running more. I'd take it back but this was the only one they had and I really like it.

I called them this morning and talked to the manager about it. She wants me to bring it down and they will give me a discount. I will go but I am still really annoyed at that sales girl.

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