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Monday, March 8, 2010


Yeah, everyone gets the infinity symbol this time around. It seems they aren't expecting many spectators to the events so are hoping we all will go and fill out the stands. I would like to see a sledge hockey game. I would like to see the downhill skiing as well, but don't think I will be making it up to Whistler on a day off because I would still have to be up at 2 a.m. the next morning.

I went and watched the Oscars last night. With no cable in the house here, I was a bit panicked as to where I would go to watch them. I called one friend but she wasn't going to be home. So I went to the church that my house mates go to as they were holding an Oscar evening in honor of a young woman who died recently who was an avid fan. Although it was better than missing them altogether, I didn't enjoy the evening very much; rather I found it annoying and stressful. During commercial breaks, they muted the volume and then played trivia games. Which was fine except that they kept running them into the return of the Oscars which was super annoying. And several times, the person in charge of the volume for the screen was absent from their post and so didn't get it turned back up until way too late to hear Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin doing their piece. I am sorry if I sound like a spoil-sport but I am pretty fanatical about the Oscars and I don't like to miss a word. There were also people in the room who didn't stop talking, at volume, through the entire show. Two were sitting in front of me. I won't be going back next year, they plan to make it an annual event. I need to find a QUIET place to watch.

A few comments on the Oscars:

I love Sandra Bullock and loved her dress (I am reading a lot of catty stuff about both her and her dress on line this morning) but hated the lipstick color. I am glad she won although considering who she was up against and their performances (the ones I saw) I am not sure it was the correct choice.

I was appalled to note the absence of Farrah Fawcett from the Memorial list. Although she is primarily known for her TV roles, she was a member of the guild and made several feature movies. It was either a colossal oversight or an even bigger slight. Either way, shameful. (Also missing was Gale Storm and Bea Arthur)

And while on the topic of the Memorials, why such a wide angle at the beginning? I could barely make Patrick Swayze out and have no idea who followed him.

Was Hurt Locker really that good? I haven't seen it yet so can't comment. But it better be awesome because Avatar was. Precious was. I hear over and over that District 9 was. Even The Blind Side was pretty great. So I have extremely high expectations for Hurt Locker now.

I loved Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as hosts and I hope they get to do it again for a few more years.

And just once... JUST ONCE... I'd like to hear an editor or a director thank their script supervisor.

I arranged to go in late to work today, due to being up late for the awards. When I got home I tried to parallel park between two cars that were already parked on the gravel strip between the road and the lawn. There's a strip of landscape ties that separate the lawn from the gravel and as I backed up, I went over the ties with both wheels on the right. No matter how I tried, I could not get them back over to the gravel as the lawn is about 6 inches below the tie. So I was stuck there. I needed to be able to either drive forwards or to back-up to where the ties ended to get off the lawn but with a car in front and behind, there was no way I was getting out. Very frustrated, I went to bed hoping that the one in front would be gone by the time I had to leave.

When I woke up with the alarm at 4 a.m., my whole body was buzzing with fatigue from an aborted sleep. Car or no car, there was no way I was ready to get up and drive to work so I turned off the alarm and went back to bed. I woke an hour later with a huge headache and called in to say I wouldn't be coming in today. I blamed it on the car situation, which certainly was the truth. But had that not been the case, I don't know if I could have made it in. I felt completely out of it and disoriented.

I am not sure how I will manage the schedule I have for the next three weeks unless I can get to bed at 6 p.m. every day. Blah.


  1. I agree about Ms Bullock's lipstick... other than that I thought she looked fab and am happy she won. I was also rooting for 'Precious' as I love the rags to riches story of the star... but would have been shocked if she'd pulled it off.

    Loved Steve and Alec... thought they did a brilliant job!

    Lucy xo

  2. We spent the night @ The Sutton after attending a friend's memorial in the afternoon. I fell asleep and missed most of it. The joys of watching TV from a hotel bed! Lots going on - will email later. L


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