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Saturday, February 27, 2010


As I am finishing up my veggie burger at WOP, their farewell BBQ for all of us, I get a call from Shawn who is back at WSC taking passenger info for the last workforce bus driven by Patrick. My radio crackles to life with Shawn's voice. "Sandra?" "Go for Sandra." I reply. "Patrick has just gotten directions to pick up Elvis Stojko at Whistler on his way back. For real." "WHAT?!" I radio back. "NO WAY!" "Yes!" Shawn replies, "And Patrick wants to know if you want to ride along." "YES!!!!" I can barely contain my excitement. "Well get over here right away. He has to go." "Tell him to wait for me." I yell.

Olga looks at me. "What is this?" she asks. I pull her and Dan to one side. I don't want everyone hearing this. "Patrick is bringing Elvis Stojko back from Whistler and asked if I want to go. Do you guys want to come?" Dan says no. Olga looks at me, completely puzzled. "Who is this person?" she asks. I am incredulous. "ELVIS STOJKO. The famous Olympic skater?" No recognition. "You know... Elvis?" "No. I think I don't know this person." "I have to get over there right away. Do you want to come too?" "There's no point. I have no knowledge of this person. It's okay." Alright then. I dash to my car and drive over to WSC as fast as I can. On the way I remember I have a doctors appointment at 1:00. Oh NO!! I have waited a week for this appointment and I need to go today as it's the end of the month and I only have today to get a prescription filled and paid for by PharmaCare. After today, I won't be covered. What to do? WHAT to do? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I won't ever get a chance like this again. I remember how I took my girls to see Elvis skate along with Isobel Brasseur and Lloyd Eisler back when we lived in Seattle. We were the only Canadians there, I am sure of it. And when we went nuts over them, cheering and whistling, we got a lot of dirty looks but didn't care. We even took flowers and balloons for the three of them and then later, waiting out back, saw them walk to their tour bus holding our gifts. That was a thrill for the girls. Me too, if I am totally honest.

Anyway, now I have a very difficult decision to make. As I park the car and dash over to the bus, I can't decide what to do. I look up at Patrick, sitting in the drivers seat - bus running, as I agonize. I really need this prescription and it won't be cheap. It's a new pill that combines an anti-inflammatory with a stomach protector - as suggested my Mamud the other day. I am despairing of what to do. But I finally let the pragmatic side of me take over and tell Patrick I can't go. I have a doctors appointment I must keep. Shawn tells me to call and cancel it, but I shake my head no as the bus door closes and Patrick drives away.

No sooner has the bus turned out of the lot onto the street than I totally regret my decision. WHAT was I thinking?! I should have gone. I so should have gone.

Later when I go to get my prescription filled, PharmaCare only pays for 1/3 of it anyway. They don't cover the stomach protection portion. I so should have gone.

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