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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Well it's been an interesting week. Got a letter from the insurance adjuster for the maintenance crew at the mall saying they have determined they are not responsible for my fall. So a lawyer has been procured and I will be visiting him tomorrow.

I didn't get together with all of my kids before Shonah went back to Kelowna but was hoping to do so with the other two and their partners on New Years Day. All too busy and so I haven't had any family time this holiday and I miss it. I guess I can't have everything.

New Years Eve was a bit of a wash out. I went to see Avatar with a friend in the afternoon and I have to say I was very impressed. I am not into 'cartoons' for adults nor am I a science fiction fan by any stretch of the imagination. But I loved the story, the effects, the world created... everything. I have to say that I fell in love with the visuals of Pandora because they so closely resembled the world of Edanna in the game Exile, the third installment of the MYST series. I was addicted to these games back a few years ago, and my kids tired of me constantly pointing to something and saying "that looks like it came right out of Riven." or whatever world it happened to resemble. If you have never played these games, I HIGHLY recommend you do so. They appeal to those of us who's entire video game playing experience has been Duck Hunt. It's not about killing or blowing things up. It's about discovering what this place is, why it's in the condition it's in, and solving multiple puzzles along the way to unlock the big reveal at the end. The graphics are spectacular (especially with a larger screen, surround sound, and a darkened room - you feel like you are THERE), the puzzles just complicated enough to be challenging without being impossible, and the story (which continues from game to game) is absorbing. I can't recommend too strongly that you give them a go. But do them in order; Myst, Riven, Exile. There's more but I haven't had a strong enough graphics card to be able to play them. Sadly.

Anyhow, the movie was so long that I ended up showing up about an hour or so late to a small party. All couples but for me. Not exactly the best setting for me but I knew most of the people and so had a nice time chatting with a few. I went to the same party last year and forgot that they like to have it all wrapped up and everyone gone by 9:30. Yes... that's right. On New Years Eve. So I was home by ten and watching the telly. Happy New Year to me.

Earlier this week I had a ton of paperwork to get caught up on for a few of the agencies I am involved with at the moment. Then Tuesday evening at 5:15 had an appointment with a career counselor/life coach. It was to be my second time seeing her but she didn't show up. She forgot she scheduled me in and was in the office downstairs and went home while I was waiting upstairs.

Wednesday, yesterday, I went for my initial training for the Olympic Games. It was just a lecture format about the history of the games, the meaning of all the logos being used at these games, some general rules and guidelines for conduct,... that sort of thing. Overall it was interesting and informative. Thank goodness it wrapped an hour early though. Neither of the girls doing the presentation were great public speakers. And both of them were from the states. Of about thirty of us in the room, only five or six of us were from the area. The rest were from other parts of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, the Ukraine, and other places far flung. It kind of irked me. There's a lot of people right here in BC out of work right now. The two women presenters have been working here since summer. Why couldn't I have one of their jobs? Why did they get precedence over me? It's not like I didn't apply for everything I saw for the Olympics.

Another thing that irked me. We are supposed to be sensitive to other cultures and so don't use idioms or jargon they won't understand, which is reasonable. But we are not to point using our fingers, rather with our whole hand, open and palm up because some cultures find pointing offensive. Well I am sorry, but it's fine to point here in Canada. That is OUR culture. Why do we have to modify our culture for visitors? They don't do it when we visit them. In fact, go to any travel website and you will find a list of things that we need to modify about our dress and behaviour depending on which country we are to visit. So... we have a culture here in Canada. We have our own ways of doing things. You're a visitor here. Deal with it. I really don't have a lot of patience for that sort of thing.

And don't get me going on those stupid, STUPID mascots we have. They have NOTHING to do with B.C. They look more like something that would be suited to the Olympics in Japan. We had to endure half an hour of talk about them in case guests ask us for information or names, or what the hell animal they actually are supposed to be (half orca, half bear; a sasquatch; and some sort of spirit bear, eagle thing. Oh and, get this, a marmot [called MukMuk - ACK! should be YukYuk] which was supposed to be a side kick but the public raised such an outcry, calling and writing to demand it be given full mascot status like the other three had. REALLY? Some people really need to get a life.) I am glad I am not going to be dealing with the public because I would have a hard time to keep from rolling my eyes as I say, "Really? You can't think of anything better to spend your money on than those dreadful things?"

Parking was at a premium at the location of the training session so I thought about taking the SkyTrain down but decided I would see if I could park in the nearby lot for ACFC, as I am a member. I asked the receptionist and she said it was fine. Which was great because it was just one building away. When I came out from asking, I saw a good friend from the film industry just getting into his car. I ran over and said hi. I could tell he didn't recognize me at first, I have lost a fair bit of weight and changed my hair. But once he did, we hugged and talked for a bit. I was very sad to hear that he is battling cancer, has been since the spring, and has been given three to five years. And now his life is all about the disease and the doctors and hospital. I remember my friend Anne, who died this past April, talking about how one's life is robbed as soon as you are diagnosed with cancer. It's a horrible disease and I am full sure we would have a cure by now if it wasn't for it being such a huge industry for the pharmaceutical companies not to mention all the doctors and hospital wings that are devoted entirely to the disease.

Today I am determined to start the very unwelcome task of, yet again, packing up my stuff and sorting through it all. I need to determine what to keep and put in my friends crawlspace; what to garage sale in the spring and put back into the shed. Yes.. BACK into the shed. Turns out, I can keep stuff in there as long as I want to. HUH? Then what was the call back in September all about telling me I HAD to have it all out by the end of October? So I was thrown into panic again, for nothing? I just don't get it.

At the end of January I will be out of here and, hopefully, moved into a sub-let on English Bay in a heritage apartment. An actress friend is going to be in LA for two months and, if someone else who said they wanted it but didn't get back to her doesn't want it, it's mine. That will be so convenient for the Games, and a lot of fun being right downtown and on the water. I can't wait.

And just in case you can't resist:

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