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Friday, November 6, 2009


I was out for lunch with a friend who does props and she was telling me about a show coming up that she had just interviewed for. Turns out the producer is the same one I saw when I was up in Kelowna, Christine, and we are on great terms. So I texted her right then and told her that I was available and wanted to do the show. I didn't get a reply so when I got home I emailed her. I got a reply right away that she would bring me in for an interview.

I had the interview yesterday and it seemed to go really well. The director, who is also the writer, is a very young looking 33 and this is his first directing gig. I should hear by early next week.

Earlier this week I was thinking I should contact the couple who own the house with the basement suite I went to see a few weeks ago, as I hadn't heard from them and they had said they would let me know if the current occupants were going to move out earlier than November 30th. So I called yesterday and left a voice mail message for them.

I just got a call from her. She said that they had rented the suite out to their nephew instead. WHAT???? I was absolutely gob smacked and had no words for a long pause. Then I said, 'WHAT?' she repeated that they had a nephew who wanted it so he was moving in. 'But... but... I said I'd take it. I walked through, loved it, told you I loved it, and said I wanted it. You said that was great.' 'Well it was our understanding that we would let you know.' 'No. NO.' I replied, 'I said I would take it. You said great. You said it might come free sooner than December first. I said that would be wonderful if it did, but I would take it either way. I left you my card. You said you'd be in touch. I hadn't heard so I thought I should call. But my understanding was, it was mine.' 'No.' she said, 'That wasn't what we understood.' 'How could you understand anything different? I said I'd take it, you said ok.' She said that their nephew wanted it so he was taking it. 'Well a call to me would have been in order, don't you think?' "Oh well... I lost your card. I didn't even think of you again." Oh REALLY? Lovely. Just lovely.

What is the matter with people????

And what the HELL is going on in my universe???

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