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Sunday, August 30, 2009


It seems I may have forgot to mention a rather important bit of information.

I got a call from the head of HR at Disney a couple of days after my email about being happy to progress from coordinator to Project manager. She told me that the two who interviewed me decided that they would rather hire someone right out of school with a Project Manager course certification. They are going to rename the job to Jr. Project Manager. I had mentioned in my email to her what she had told me the creator of Club Penguin had said to her after the project got canceled - word to the effect that; 'find another position for her in the company. I don't want to lose her.', and asked if that meant I could expect some sort of job if this one didn't work out. She say's that, even though she 'would feel very honored if he said that' about her, it doesn't carry any weight. Since Disney took over, he doesn't have the authority to force someone in another department to hire me. Great. She tells me to keep my eye on the job website and she will keep my resume on file. And that she is looking out for me. As nice as that is to say, it boils down to no job with them at this time. I am having a hard time not getting discouraged.

The sound mixer I met who works for them hears about it and messages me on FaceBook. He tells me that I should come with Shonah as her guest to a work picnic that is being held later in the week. He seems surprised that I didn't know about it. I text Shonah and tell her what he just said and ask if I can go. She calls me back and tells me that she was going to ask me, but she hadn't signed up to go herself so she had to make sure it was ok for her to go first. It is and she wants me to go.

I go. The sound mixer seemed to think that being there would kind of put my face in theirs again and also show that I am really keen to work there. I see the head of HR and say hello to her but she is super busy with the food and barely acknowledges me. I get something to drink and line up with Shonah and her friends for a hot dog and we go sit on a blanket on the grass to eat. Unfortunately, the guy who interviewed me the first time around is on vacation so isn't there. I would really liked to have talked to him. I stay about an hour and a half or so and then Shonah is ready to go and so am I. I don't feel like going made a speck of difference.

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