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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Tomorrow I move myself and the few belongings I have with me to the side of a mountain on the west side of Kelowna. A friend is going to be in Germany for a month with most of her family and I am house-sitting. Two cats, 3 levels, new tenants moving in to the basement suite, one son still at home but not home much, a collection of irreplaceable files and photo albums together in boxes in the garage ready to be tossed into the car at a moments notice if there's another fire induced evacuation, and a fabulous view of the lake in the distance. I think I can handle all that. I will, however, miss the pool. Looking down from one of the three balconies that span the back of the house, I have a view of the neighbour's pool, which I am sure will be very tempting in the weeks to come as the house has no air conditioning either, and I have been spoiled.

I will have use of a car. Which is a nice idea but I have no money for gas. I also have no money for food and so should lose some weight, which is never a bad thing. My phone bill is due tomorrow and it's for two months of service, as a voice on the other end of the phone explained when I freaked out at the amount, because they bill for the month ahead and so when I came back from Florida and had to get a new plan, I hadn't paid for July yet. Or something like that. It made sense at the time. But I don't have the money to pay it and if I lose my phone line, I never will because it's the only way a potential employer can get hold of me.

Speaking of which, the project for a new game at Disney has been scrapped so the position I interviewed for has been scrapped along with it. I got a call on Friday that sounded like they had another position for me that was mine for the taking, and it was arranged for me to come in and 'meet' the head of the department first thing Monday morning. I was encouraged by the use of the word 'meet' and not 'interview' and that solidified my belief that the job was mine if I wanted it. When ushered into the room for the 'meeting' it turned out to be a full blown interview with two of the most unreadable people I have ever met in my life. One of them could have been a cardboard cut-out person for all of the emotion he showed. His face barely changed expression the entire hour... although I did manage to elicit a ghost of a smile from him twice.

Anyway, I left feeling very discouraged as the whole thing just didn't feel like it went very well and I wasn't sure it was right for me. If it was the days before computers, it would be a total paper-pushing role. I remember one of the questions I was asked in the first interview was what about work gave me fulfillment and my reply was something along the lines of 'utilizing my creativity working with a team to accomplish a goal'. There would be no creativity employed in this role. However, I determined to take it if offered, and work hard until a better opportunity within the company presented itself. I was told at the end of the interview that they would let me know within twenty-four hours. So I went back home to wait.

Tuesday morning came and went without a call, and so did the rest of the day. At four I called the head of HR and left a message on her voice-mail. Wednesday morning at about ten, I emailed her. She called me two hours later to tell me the news.

The two who interviewed me think I would have no problem with this position. However. They are looking for someone who would want to move up to a Project Manager role in the future. Would I be interested in that? I replied that I would need to see a job description before I could answer that question. She told me to research it on-line and I asked if they didn't have a job description for the role particular to their company. She said that she didn't know and would get back to me on that. So I agreed to do some research and email her with my response.

A couple of hours later I sent her an email saying I would be very interested in progressing to that level and, should it expedite the process, would be willing to take a course or some training once I had the coordinator position. I still haven't received a job description from her and I haven't heard back as to what the decision is based on my email. So here I am in limbo.

In desperate need for some cash, I wrote to the insurance adjuster for the mall where I slipped and fell on some spilled water. Apparently they are still trying to determine who takes the blame so that they can then have the insurer of that department pay me. I can see this taking a long time.

I am having some resumes printed for me this afternoon by my friend and so will head out and find some temp agencies and anyone else who is looking for applicants. I hate job hunting with a passion.

Last night a new friend on FaceBook messaged me. He works at Disney and he used to be a Vancouver sound mixer for the film industry. My daughter introduced me to him when I was at the office for my first interview. He bought an apartment up here but now is moving in with his girlfriend so is putting his place up for rent. It's mine if I want it. It's two bedrooms and a good price. It overlooks a park and is a 5 minute walk from the Disney / Club Penguin offices. He wants to rent it out September 1 but will wait until October 1 for me. It would be so great to be in a position to take it come October. If I get this job at Disney, I just might get some semblance of my life back before winter sets in.

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